Seattle Six

“There is no other bead store like it.”

“The best bead store I have ever been in.”

“I want to sleep here.”

“The community appreciates the support and interest.”

“This is my refuge.”

“I come here for time out…for time for me.”

“This is like a big girl’s candy store.”

“This is my sanctuary.”

“You are an inspiration to all of us!”

“Best Jewellery making classes in Victoria”

“It is a Big Girls Candy Store”

“Can be overwhelming at first because I don’t know what to do, once I get it though it I loved it!”

“’Female’ version of a Hardware Store or Bike Shop.”

“It is a fun, sophisticated, educational, quality, and unique experience”

“A beautiful collection of luscious gems!!”

“The best bead store in the world!”

“Oh no, I’m in trouble now.”

“It smells so fantastic in here… calming me right away!!”

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